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The Three Stages of Dementia

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

After dementia is diagnosed, it usually follows a three-stage, downward trajectory.

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Mild dementia: people may have difficulty internalizing new information, remembering names, and planning and managing complicated tasks. They may also be experiencing sadness, anxiety, loss of interest in things they once loved, and other symptoms of major depression. 

Moderate dementia: people show changes in sensory processing and physical function. There may be issues with personal hygiene, inappropriate language, and judgment. They can be energized entirely at nighttime when family members need to sleep. It also calls for some home modifications: removing throw rugs, installing locks and safety latches, and providing a toilet or bedpan in the bedroom.

Severe dementia: leads to limited or no mobility, incontinence issues, extensive memory loss, and problems swallowing. The patient may have difficulty recognizing loved ones and could require around-the-clock care.

The CareGiver

Caring for someone with any form of dementia can be physically and emotionally draining. They can become violent, cause a public disturbance, or wander off. A breaking point can sneak up on even the most committed caregiver.

There are many options when the time comes when your loved one requires more than you can handle. When it's time for a lifestyle change, it can be a challenging search that requires touring various facilities, asking crucial questions, and reading the fine print. By learning more about the options in senior housing, you can make the right choice with an environment that is healthy, happy, and more fulfilling.

At The Galway Homes, families are comforted knowing their loved one is receiving compassionate care, by our long-term caregivers are at a 2:7 ratio. Caregivers specialize in geriatric and palliative care, focusing more broadly on improving life and providing comfort, at any stage.

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