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Incontinence Care

Did you know that although incontinence is common for the elderly, it is not a normal part of aging? Many different underlying factors could be the cause of urinary incontinence in seniors, including certain medications, stress, or for those suffering from dementia symptoms, forgetting the location of the nearest restroom. Over 13 million Americans suffer from incontinence - according to the National Association for Continence, that's about one in every five people over 40 who may experience urgency, frequency, or overactive bladder symptoms.

Although incontinence can cause feelings of embarrassment for those affected by it, if you have a loved one suffering from this condition, it is important to help them feel comfortable with discussing their symptoms. Being able to talk openly about their experience is essential, so you can help to seek the proper help and treatment for them. Remember that they are not alone, and this condition is treatable.

Visiting with your loved one's doctor is a very important step in seeking out the right treatment for incontinence. A doctor can perform a blood test and urinalysis to check for possible infection, problems with kidney function, and other issues that could be a possible cause for the symptoms. A doctor can also help you get on the right track with pinpointing the appropriate treatment for your loved one. This could include bladder training, fluid management, incontinence pads, medication, and more.

For some, moving a loved one into the care of assisted living is the right decision, if it is too difficult to provide all the proper care for them at home. At the Galway Homes, our professional caregivers are specially trained in geriatric care, and our staff-to-resident ratio of 2:7 is among the very highest in the industry. That means we always have dedicated caregivers ready to help, right there when your loved one needs them.

If your loved one begins to experience incontinence or another condition that requires extra care by our in-house staff, we never engage in the practice of up-charging or inflating prices to provide the additional services and care your loved one needs.

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