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The Galway Home: Aging in Place - COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, our top priority is to ensure the safety and comfort of our residents.  Galway has had zero cases of COVID-19 due to the stringent safety measures we have in place to protect residents, staff, and family members. 

Before each shift, caretakers are asked a series of questions and follow strict guidelines, such as always wearing masks and replacing their disposable gloves after each hand-washing. Our staff completes COVID-19 testing as a precautionary measure when deemed necessary, and we are hard at work to do extraordinary deep cleaning daily right down to each doorknob.

Families are welcome to visit their loved ones and are very understanding by following all CDC and state guidelines, including:

  • Answering a series of questions before entering

  • Temperature checks upon arrival

  • Social distancing 

  • Proper mask-wearing (residents are not required to wear masks)

  • Hand washing and wearing disposable gloves

Galway has surpassed recommendations made by health authorities concerning sanitization procedures throughout the entire house. When it comes to residential housing for those aging in place, smaller is safer. Unlike larger facilities, Galway’s staff ratio is 2:7, including certified nurses and medical aids. This means less traffic and more peace of mind for residents, families, and caretakers.

The Galway Home is the only one of its kind in Northland, Kansas City, Missouri. For additional information and a tour of our home, please contact John Higgins at, or call (913) 676-7277.

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