Frequently asked questions

How long has The Galway Homes been in business?

Mr. John Higgins, C.E.O. of Galway Homes, personally experienced family members living in large, understaffed institutional facilities. Unable to find an alternative, he was determined to find a solution. In 1993, John opened his first residential living home for the memory impaired.

Where are Galway Homes located?

Galway is located in a private, upscale Northland neighborhood in Kansas City, MO.

What are your staffing ratios?

Our staffing ratios are 2:7, among the very highest in our industry. This allows for personal care and emotional support, 24/7.

Do residents have private bedrooms?

Yes. Residents and their families provide personal furnishings and keepsakes from home.

Are there specific visiting hours?

This is your loved one's home and visitors are welcome at any time, while also respecting the privacy and needs of other residents.

Are there activities during the day?

Residents may participate in both individual or group activities. Most enjoyed is music therapy.

Are meals sheduled for specific times each day? Is there room for flexibility?

Scheduled meals, snacks and beverages are served family-style each day; however, we do respect and support residents' individual practices.

If my mother is unable to sleep, is she allowed to walk around during the night?

Yes. Our staff is trained to support residents having difficulty sleeping, while also seeking to understand the underlying cause of nightime restlessness.

Does Galway provide transportation for my father's doctor's appointments?

With notice, we can arrange transporation for your loved one and provide a staff member to accompany them; but it is the responsibility of the family member or trustee to provide payment directly to the transportation service company.

Are The Galway Homes exclusively for those with early signs of dementia?

No. We provide care for all levels of dementia. We strongly believe in allowing residents to "age in place" and create a comfortable home-away-from-home environment.

Mom is becoming confused but she does not have Alzheimer's. Would Galway be beneficial for her?

We recognize and support the needs of anyone requiring assistance when independent daily living becomes a concern. We will work closely with family members to ensure there is a clear understanding of our residential care for those with memory loss. Following assessment, all persons involved will conclude whether The Galway Home is suitable for the current stage your loved one is experiencing.

My father uses a wheelchair. Is there room for him to move around Galway?

Yes. We accomodate all residents, including those using walkers or wheelchairs.

Mom loves the outdoors. Is she allowed to spend time outside?

Yes. Our spacious backyard is well-maintained, surrounded by trees and the beauty of nature. In addition to an outdoor grilling and dining area, our wrap-around deck and lovely gazebo is perfect for socializing or for quiet time.

Do your fees increase when additional care is required?

No. At Galway Homes, we provide all services at an affordable fixed price. Our individual dementia care services are provided equally to all residents. Rest assured we do not practice increasing rates in the event that additional caretaking by our staff is necessary.

Are there doctors and nurses on site?

Our residents typically have their own private physician, but we also work closely with a local practice of doctors and nurse practitioners specializing in geriatrics, ready to visit with your loved one, should you choose. On staff, our full-time registered nurse visits daily, and is also on call 24/7 for residents.